Shirley Beyer

Shirley Beyer-Walsh, RMT, Owner

Shirley has had experience with therapeutic massage for the past twenty years. She first included it as part of her marathon and triathlon training programs. She then felt lead to take her training as a Registered Massage Therapist and became a member of the Massage Therapists Association of Alberta.

Shirley is committed to improving her clients quality of life, by enabling them to pursue a greater degree of pain free movement. Along with manual treatment, Shirley encourages her clients to do prescribed remedial exercises on their own and strongly advocates stretch and strength training.

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Cell: 780.405.5464


I was recommended to Shirley by a friend after my first ultra marathon. My body was crippled and a sports massage was just what I needed. That being over two years ago now, I've never searched elsewhere for my massages. Being an athlete herself, Shirley is a wealth of knowledge about the types of issues and injuries that clients bring to the table, and will not only work on these areas specifically, but she also recommends "homework" to help clients stay healthy and mobile in between massages. I'd say the icing on the cake though is just how sweet and authentic her personality is. It really makes your 60/90 minute appointment the highlight of your week and can certainly brighten your day after spending some time talking with her during your massage. I have recently moved abroad but will certainly be phoning when I plan visits back to Canada!

Jonathon Sinclair

Shirley has been my RMT for several years now; which is a good sign in itself. She is extremely knowledgeable and aware of the body, it's anatomy, and functions. Being an ultra marathon athlete, I have some tight and sore muscles to say the least. Shirley has a high percentage of athletic clients, giving her the experience she has in knowing what techniques and treatments will aide her as she works on my specific issues. The atmosphere Shirley sets for the massages is relaxing and extremely comforting. Offering hot blankets, towels, water and having calming music in the background. I am always so impressed when I go to Shirley for a massage because of the actual massage and her genuine, down to earth, optimistic personality. Her positive fun personality is definitely contagious! I always leave feeling leaps and bounds better than when I went in and at the same time increased my knowledge on what's going on in my body thanks to her feedback. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend going to Shirley!!!

Melissa Gosse